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 XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!

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XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!  Empty
PostSubject: XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!    XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!  EmptyWed Jul 21, 2010 7:52 am

I Host 10th Lobbies! I'm A Trusted Seller on TMK, The Official Team DMG Xbox Lobby Hoster. On the HcMz (Hardcore Modz) Roster. My Lobby Prices Are CHEAPER From anything I've seen on here. The Next Lobby Date Is When I Get enough money to buy a KV You can contact me through AIM: XxPurpleGiraffeX Or Through Email: nxvenomzz@gmail.com Ask for my paypal! HcMz X Purple and HcMz X Color are both my accounts, HcMz X Color is perma-banned so I'm using HcMz X Purple to host!
I hope to see you in my lobby <3

Here are my prices:
$5-Deranking A Friend
$10-1 Person
$15-1 Person VIP Or 2 People
$20-1 Month Infection Pass (Inv to All my lobbies to get infections)
$15-11th Prestige (I have to recover your account to do it)
$15-Whatever Prestige You want (I can go from 11th to 0)
$40-30 Minutes Rent a lobby
$80- 1 Hour rent a lobby

I can also host a variety of different modded game types (I.E. Roll The Dice, Zombies on MW2, Gun Game, Pro-Mod,Alien Vs Predator)

My Lobbies Include: (Depending on the patch I'm using)
Mod Menu, Models, Throwing Objects, UFO Mode, Level 70 on Spawn, NASTY Deranking System,Walking AC-130, Etc.

Here's some proof! I've Been Verified So YAY!

Sorry for the bad quality....

Subscribe to my Youtube I'll be posting a video a few hours before the lobby starts

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B4 Avuhris

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XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!    XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!  EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 3:31 am

Verified by me.
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XPurpleGiraffeX's 10th Lobby!
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