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 MW2 TU6 XEX Patcher

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MW2 TU6 XEX Patcher Empty
PostSubject: MW2 TU6 XEX Patcher   MW2 TU6 XEX Patcher EmptyMon Jun 14, 2010 10:03 pm

I know there have been other default_mp.xex's that have been patched floating around out there, but they are not legal on se7ensins. Below is a link to my patcher that has been updated to work with TU6. The actual patcher was made by ME and BOXXY, I gave the how to patch it and how the NOP in PPC works, and the offsets for "60000000" in hex, and boxxy compiled it into a patcher, now the offsets are updated making TU6 work. Make sure you run the BAT file, and you copy the retail XEX to the root directory.

megaupload.com 4UTZGZM3



2 Common Mistakes:

1. XeXTool is a False Positive. This means it shows as virus, but isn't one. If you dont trust this .zip, delete the XEXTOOL.EXE, go download one from XBINS, and then rename it as XEXTOOL.EXE, and put it in the Root Directory of the Patcher.

2. Dirty Disc Error, Delete your "Modified" TU5 Patch, and replace it with a Clean TU6 patch, to make sure it works, then you will need to find out about any XP Checks [If any???] and remove them, and then you can have your modding fun again, but a TU5 Patch Does Not work with TU6 XeX.

a H0t Unicorn: Offsets of the RSA that is failed to have No Operation, and getting it to make the _mp.ff files load.
I Heart Boxxxy: Helping me Complile my patching into a C# Program.
ReCkLeSs K1LL3R: Getting me TU6, default_mp.xexp and patch_mp.ff, I dont have MW2 disc anymore....
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MW2 TU6 XEX Patcher
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