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 How To Repair the E74 Error

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How To Repair the E74 Error Empty
PostSubject: How To Repair the E74 Error   How To Repair the E74 Error EmptyFri Jun 11, 2010 4:16 am

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Oh no, it happened, you have become victim to the Xbox 360's dreaded E74 Error. Well don't worry my friend, in this article I am going to show you exactly how you can fix the E74 Error without shipping off your system for two months.

The first way to fix this error is actually really quite simple, it may just be your AV cable. The first thing that you can try is to unplug the AV cable and blow out any dust that may be built up in the connections. Then try hooking it back up and turning it on.

If you are still facing the error than try getting a new AV cable, or you can borrow one from a friend so that you don't buy a new cable if this is not the solution either. Once you have the new AV cable, plug it in, fire up your Xbox 360 and if the error is still occurring then you will have to move on to the next method of fixing the E74 Error.

If the AV cable didn't work then you are going to have to move on to a little bit of a more complex method to fix the error. It can still be fixed but the methods can't be explained in a single article.

You can find Xbox 360 repair guides on the Internet that have very detailed instructions on how to fix the E74 error as well as other errors like freezing, the no video problem and the red ring of death. These guides usually come with very detailed step-by-step instructions. The better guides will also include pictures and videos of the process so you can be sure that you will understand each step of the repair.

So if you have experienced the Xbox 360 E74 Error, it is not the end of your gaming days, you can fix it. Hopefully it is just your AV cable but if not there is still a solution out there if you are willing to do a little more research.

Another way to fix it is probably the quickiest way, just take off your hard drive and turn on your console. Then you should'nt have the E74 message or the one red light. Then, with your console still on put your hard drive back in, this should reset your xbox. After that you should be able to play.

If you still cant get it to work contact me on xbox live by going to xbox.com and messaging Assumes. If you dont remember your password then PM me on here.

Good luck, and happy gaming, I hope.
<3 Assumes
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How To Repair the E74 Error
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