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 All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads

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All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads Empty
PostSubject: All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads   All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads EmptyTue May 25, 2010 7:00 am

All these Programs are for Transfer Cable or USB modding I will post what all these programs do eventually but for now ill give you the download links

If you don't have a transfer cable check this out: USB Modding everything!

HxD (Potential Virus) : mediafire.com ?sharekey=95738064e3904c1e08f8df73f2072ed6c03d754878da881116f8cf40558950b4

USB Explorer : megaupload.com 2DMNRXON
This is what you need if you don't have a transfer cable
this will open the xbox files off your USB
so you can save them to your computer, mod them, and put them back on.
For USB Modding check this out: USB Modding everything!

MPDATAeditor - megaupload.com 1R2YAYP0
To edit MW2 Split Screen Data

EzGt 2.2 : mediafire.com ?h2mdyzzd5nl
Mod your gamertag for call of duty games

HeX Editor Neo : rapidshare.com Hex_Edittor_Neo.rar
This is old shchool mode. This is used to mod gamesaves gamertags
and stuff by finding the hex code manually and changing it to the hex you want
if you don't know what hex is read: Hexadecimal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If you don't know how to use hex DON'T
Modding programs like EZGT Do the hex FOR YOU
This Program is only useful if your trying to mod something nobody else has

Modio: mediafire.com ?sharekey=95738064e3904c1e08f8df73f2072ed68966de098a4fe06879b5ba589d1986ba
One of the most important modding tools. This thing does it all! you can mod your gamerscore,
gamer picture, game saves, you can Rehash And Resign, hex Edit, and get updated on all the latest mod!
This program is a MUST Have for modders
it makes modding just that much easier

Xport 360: http://uk.codejunkies.com/support/article.aspx?article_id=272 <<for people that can't be bothered searching l http://xport-360.software.informer.com/2.0/
Same As USB Explorer but instead it opens the xbox files on your hard drive
this is the method used before you could mod with USBs
with this you can look into your hard drive, save the files to your computer,
mod the files and put back on your hard drive.
The 250 GB hard drive does not work with this if you want to mod with
a 250 GB hard drive either 1. get Xplorer 360 listed below or 2. just
mod with a USB Drive.

Xplorer 360 For 250gb only!! mediafire.com download.php?gq4gwu2nm2m
This does same thing as Xport 360 but this works for the 250 gb hard drive

Siggggggy: mediafire.com ?sharekey=95738064e3904c1e08f8df73f2072ed68d77d9b64a473e7fea4ac78345cbe4ce

Gamer Pic Injector: mediafire.com ?sharekey=95738064e3904c1e08f8df73f2072ed687cbef206019d930597b5d7f10aaff85
This neat program will save you money. If you have ever seen a gamer picture but didn't want to waist money buying it?
Then this is for you with this you can browse through gamer pictuers and put them on your xbox

Hash Block Calculator: megaupload.com 45WESQOK
This is needed after your done modding stuff like accounts, gamerpictuers,
or Achivements and such. You load up your profile into this and run it
don't know exactly what it does but it makes it so your account doesnt say
Corrupt File when you put it on your xbox. So if your mods are not working
Try using this on your profile after you mod it. i don't use this becasue Modio
Does this too.

Profile Editor(GamerScore Modder): mediafire.com ?sharekey=95738064e3904c1e08f8df73f2072ed63d14057119679247b99f3f1679ee9294
Pretty Self-Explained this mods your gamerscore. You look into your profile for
plaid games, you can unlock any achievements you want... But Remember...
to do a achievement mark it that you did it offline not online...
For more info on modding gamerscore read this: USB Modding everything!

CoD tool : megaupload.com GFK3C9QW
Mods for Cod... duh...

Halo 3 Toy Box : mediafire.com ?sharekey=95738064e3904c1e08f8df73f2072ed6aa2d8bf0726a6eed759e682a8cd2154a
Never used it but sounds like mods for halo... 3...

Use At your own risk i've never had any problems though
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All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads Empty
PostSubject: Re: All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads   All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads EmptyMon May 31, 2010 4:36 am

I dont think Im going to get a Jtag anymore too confusing..
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All Transfer Cable Modding Programs (and USB) + Downloads
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